Patient & Visitor Guide

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Thank you for choosing Parkview Regional Hospital for your healthcare needs. Our entire staff is dedicated to meeting your needs and we welcome you to our facility. We realize that you have options in choosing your medical care and we appreciate you choosing Parkview.  

Although we take pride in the quality of our services and staff, we know that there is always room for improvement. If you have any suggestions or concerns related to the care or the service you receive, please call Administration at 254/562-5332, ext 2021. If you have a problem that requires immediate attention, dial our operator (“O”) and ask to speak with the Nursing Supervisor or Administrator on Call.

Again, we appreciate your choice in healthcare and we look forward to meeting your healthcare needs. If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Patients may pre-admit once admission has been scheduled. Admissions are processed via the registration clerks in the front lobby; after hours admissions are processed at the registration desk in the Emergency Department. Once you arrive on the nursing unit, the staff will help you get acquainted with your room and your surroundings.

Patients undergoing outpatient surgery or outpatient testing of any kind should report to the registration desk in the front lobby. Outpatient registration hours are from 7:00 am until 4:30 pm.

During Your Stay

We have policies and procedures in place to help you and your family work with our doctors, nurses and staff to get the most from your hospital stay. Please take a few minutes to review these guidelines with your loved ones.


Parking for patients and visitors is available across from the main entrance to the hospital, as well as at the South entrance. We ask that the space in front of the Medical Office Building be left available for clinic patients during normal business hours. All parking at Parkview Regional Hospital is free. Please be sure to lock your car. If something happens which causes you to need assistance with your vehicle, please notify a member of our staff.

Calling Your Nurse

A button to call your nurse is located at your bedside. Please use your call button if you need any kind of assistance. When you press the button, the Nursing Station is alerted that you need assistance and a light flashes in the hall. A staff member will respond to your signal as soon as possible.  

Rapid Response Teams

To optimize your safety, Parkview utilizes Rapid Response Teams. The Rapid Response Teams promote early recognition and initiation of best practice guidelines for critical illness. For your ongoing safety, if you or your family member detect a sudden or critical change in your condition, please request a “Rapid Response” intervention by one of our specially trained staff. Notify any member of your healthcare team or use your call light.

Your Room

Your room assignment is based upon your admission diagnosis and bed availability. All patient rooms are private.


The hospital has access to a Language Line for non-English speaking patients, as well as those who are hearing-impaired.


Telephones are provided in each room. To make a local call, dial “9” followed by the local number you are calling. You may call collect, charge a call to your calling card or to your home phone. 

Do Not Bring

Do not bring watches, jewelry, cash or other valuables to the hospital. Parkview Regional Hospital will only be responsible for these items if they are deposited into our safe. Ask your nurse about safe deposits upon admission. If you are having surgery, please give your eyeglasses to a loved one for safekeeping. Please avoid leaving dentures and eyeglasses on your meal tray and do not wrap them in tissue.

Please do not bring medications to the hospital. Your physician and the hospital pharmacy will provide all of your medication while you are in the hospital. However, it is important to provide your physician with a list of all medications that you are currently taking.  

For fire safety and infection control reasons, please do no bring sleeping bags, blankets, coffee pots, coolers, furniture, etc. into the hospital. Also, please do not bring radios, heating pads, portable heaters, coffee pots or other similar devices as they are not permitted in patient rooms. 

Parkview Café & Nutrition Services

On Thursday, June 24, 2021 the Parkview Regional Hospital Café re-opens to all visitors & out patients for to-go orders only. The Parkview Café is located at the South end of the hospital near the vending machines. The Café offers an array of delicious hot and cold food choices, including salads, sandwiches, entrees, fruit, snacks and drinks.

There is no charge for coffee or tea. The Café hours of operation are Monday through Friday for breakfast and lunch:

  • Breakfast 7:30 am to 9:00 am
  • Lunch 11:30 am to 1:30 pm

Vending machines with a variety of snacks and drinks are located near the Café.

Parkview partners with world-renowned Morrison Healthcare Food Services to provide wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals, an important part of your treatment and recovery.

We make every effort to provide nutritious and tasty meals according to your doctor’s orders.You may be placed on a special or restricted diet. If you would like to speak with Nutrition Services about your diet, you can call extension 1937.

Patients are served breakfast, lunch and dinner by the Nutrition Services Staff. If you have any special requests, please notify your server or call extension 1246. For those on a regular diet, sandwiches and salads are available as an alternative to the hot meal that is served. Please notify your server if you’d prefer an alternative. Should you desire coffee, juice or a small snack between meals, notify your nurse.


Televisions are provided in each patient room. Please be considerate of others and keep the TV volume down. A channel guide can be found on channel 16. All televisions have closed captioning available for the hearing impaired.

Pastoral Care

Your pastor or spiritual leader is welcome to come visit you while you are here, if you wish for us to contact them, please ask your nurse. The chapel is located on the main hallway and is available for patients and family members of all faiths to us for prayer and quiet meditation. From time to time, worship services are held there and they will be announced on an overhead speaker. If you wish to attend, simply tell your nurse.

Family Waiting Room and Visiting Hours

Parkview Regional Hospital’s visiting hours are:

Medical/Surgical Unit: 11 am – 8 pm
Senior Care Unit: 5:00 pm – 6 pm, Monday –Friday; 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm & 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Saturday & Sunday (Alternate times may be arranged with Program Director)

Please limit visitors. Visiting hours are subject to change to ensure proper patient care. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times when visiting the hospital. Please use caution when bringing young visitors to the hospital. Do not allow children with cough, fever, rash, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or recent exposure to illness to visit.

Intensive Care Unit

Due to the nature of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) visitation is determined on an individual basis. Parkview Regional Hospital traditionally practices an open policy however depending on the needs of the patient, visitation may be restricted.


When your doctor feels that you are ready to leave the hospital, he or she will authorize a hospital discharge. The discharge process is just that – a process that requires patients. Once your physician determines that you are ready to be discharged, the process is set into motion. Your nurse and case manager will put together information that you need and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have. If you want clarification about anything, don’t be afraid to ask. It is important that you understand the instructions before you leave the hospital. The discharge process can take time – often more than an hour – to ensure that all of your instructions are available and your physician has time to fill out any prescriptions.

Here are some tips to make the process run smoothly:

  • Be sure you and/or your caregiver have spoke with a discharge planner and they you understand what services you may need after leaving the hospital.
  • Have someone available to pick you up. Patients can be picked up from the drive-through at the front of the hospital.
  • Double check your room, bathroom and beside table carefully for any personal items.
  • Make sure you or your caregiver have all necessary paperwork for billing, referrals, prescriptions, etc.
  • If your doctor gives you a prescription, please be sure to have it filled and complete the doses as prescribed.
  • If the Financial Counselor did not visit with you while you were a patient, you can make your co-pay, settle your bill or make payment arrangements by calling extension 1213.
  • If you have any questions at all about the discharge process or your post-hospital instructions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Financial Matters

The hospital bill covers the cost of your room, meals, 24-hour nursing care, laboratory work, tests, medication, therapy and the services of hospital employees. You will receive a separate bill from your physicians for their professional services.

As a service to you, Parkview will submit bills to your insurance company and will do everything possible to expedite your claim. You should remember that your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company and they you have the final responsibility for payment of your hospital bill. You should familiarize yourself with the terms of your insurance coverage.

Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits, referred to as COB, is a term used by insurance companies when you are covered under two or more insurance policies. This usually happens when both husband and wife are listed on each other’s insurance policies, or when both parents carry their children on their individual policies, or when there is eligibility under two federal programs. This can also occur when you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and have medical insurance and automobile insurance.

Most insurance companies have COB provisions that determine who is the primary payer when medical expenses are incurred. This prevents duplicate payments. COB priority must be identified at admission in order to comply with insurance guidelines. Your insurance may request a completed COB form before paying a claim and every attempt will be made to notify you if this occurs. The hospital cannot provide this information to your insurance company. You must resolve this issue with your insurance carrier in order for the claim to be paid.


This hospital is an approved Medicare provider. All services billed to Medicare follow federal guidelines and procedures. Medicare has a COB clause. At the time of service you will be asked to answer questions to help determine the primary insurance carrier paying for your visit. This is referred to as an MSP questionnaire and is required by federal law. Your assistance in providing accurate information will allow us to bill the correct insurance company.

Medicare deductibles and co-insurance may be covered by your secondary insurance. If you do not have secondary insurance you will be asked to pay these amounts. If you are unable to pay these amounts, we will help you determine if you qualify for a state funded program.

Please be aware that the Medicare program specifically excludes payment for certain items and services, such as cosmetic surgery, some oral surgery procedures, personal comfort items, and others.

You will need to show a copy of your Medicare card to verify eligibility and process your claim.


This hospital is an approved Medicaid provider. All services billed to Medicaid follow federal guidelines and procedures. We will need a copy of your Medicaid card. Medicaid also has some payment limitations on a number of services and items.

Commercial Insurance

As a service to you, we will forward a claim to your commercial insurance carrier based on the information you provide at the time of registration. It is very important for you to provide all related information such as policy number, group number and the correct mailing address for your insurance company. We will ask for this information each time you are registered with us to ensure that we have the most updated information available. We will need a copy of your insurance card to process your claim.

Uninsured Patients

If you are in need of assistance with your hospital billing, you can contact the Financial Counseling Department at extension 1213.

The Financial Counselor will likely visit with you to make payment arrangements for your hospital bill. The Financial Counselor will work with you to determine if you qualify for financial assistance. Parkview offers a number of medical assistance programs for which you may qualify. If your bill is not settled while you are a patient, the Patient Billing Department will contact you for payment of your accounts. If payment arrangements are not established and no payment is made during the initial 90-day period, the account will be placed with a collection agency. If you have any questions regarding your billing statement, you can contact the Billing Department at (254)562-0408, extension 1520. 

Gift Shop

The hospital’s gift shop is located in the front lobby. The Gift Shop offers a wide assortment of gifts and sundries, including silk flower arrangements, home décor, jewelry, greeting cards, books, toiletries, balloons, candy and more. Proceeds from sales in the Gift Shop are donated back to the hospital through the Volunteer Auxiliary. Cash and checks are accepted.

The Gift Shop is open:

8:00 am – Noon
Monday - Friday


Parkview Regional Hospital believes in the perseverance of our natural resources therefore, bed linen is changed every other day or as needed depending on patient needs. If you need additional linens or housekeeping services, please contact your nurse or aide. 

Latex Allergies

In an effort to prevent or reduce exposure to known allergens, thereby reducing the risk of reaction, patients found to be allergic to latex will be treated with medical products which are free of latex or will be shielded from contact with latex. 

Mail, Flowers & Newspapers

Letters and packages are delivered each morning by the Parkview Auxiliary. Letters and parcels that arrive after you have been discharged are forwarded to your home. Stamps and cards may be purchased in the Gift Shop. Outgoing mail may be left at the Nurses’ Station or with an Auxiliary member. Flowers are delivered to patient rooms as they arrive, by a member of the Parkview Staff or by the florist. Please be aware that flowers are prohibited in the Intensive Care Unit. The Mexia News is delivered to patient rooms on the evening meal tray each day that they publish.


We will need a complete list of medicines you are currently taking, including those not prescribed or ordered by your doctor. While in the hospital, please take only medicines administered by your nurse. If the medicines are not given at the same time as you normally take them, please let us know and we will try to do things as you do at home. Sometimes meals or tests may hinder your normal routine.
We use generic medicines when possible to keep costs low. Because of this, some medicines may look different from your usual pills. If you have questions about the pills or other medicines you are taking, do not hesitate to ask your nurse or physician.

Pediatric Care

For the safety of our pediatric patients, those under the age of 12, we require an adult to stay with them at all times. If your child is under 2 years of age, we require the use of a baby bed for the safety of your child.

Pet Visitation

Parkview Regional Hospital is committed to providing personalized care that recognizes the benefits of integrating traditional medicine with complementary medicine as a supportive service. Patient must be deemed, by their physician, as appropriate to benefit from the visit of his/her dog. Only dogs that are certified to be medically fit shall be allowed to visit.

Smoking Policy

To protect your health and the health of others, Parkview Regional Hospital is a tobacco-free environment. Smoking or use of tobacco is not permitted in patient rooms, corridors, lobbies, waiting rooms or any other area of the hospital.


The telephone at your bedside is for your use and convenience. To make local calls, dial "9" then dial your desired number. Long distance, credit card or collect calls may be placed by dialing "9" + area code and desired number. If you are calling a hospital department from within the hospital, you need only dial the four digit extension.

The main hospital switchboard can be reached at (254)562-5332. You may dial in on our automated line if you know your party’s extension by calling (254) 562-0408.

Frequently Used Extensions:

  • Medical/Surgical Rooms -  “1” + room number (“2” + room number for rooms 109-132)
  • Administration – x1209
  • Main Nurses Station – x1310
  • Emergency Department – x1745
  • Admitting – x1936
  • Front Lobby – x1824


We encourage you to entrust your valuables to a friend or relative while you are in the hospital. If you have valuables at the hospital please ask the nurse for a Special Valuable Envelope. Your valuables can be placed in the hospital safe, by the House Supervisor, once you have sealed them in the Special Valuables Envelope. The envelope must be filled out and signed by you or a responsible relative and your nurse. The content list will remain with your hospital chart and a copy of the list will be sealed inside the Valuables Envelope. Ask your Nurse about this hospital policy if you would like to use it. The hospital cannot be responsible for lost items unless they are placed in a Valuables Envelope. Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures must be documented in your chart. 

Patient Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. If at any time during your stay you have any suggestions, concerns or questions that would help us improve our service to you, please call the Marketing Office at extension 1110.

Patient satisfaction is a priority at Parkview Regional Hospital. We measure the satisfaction of our inpatients, outpatients and emergency room patients. We partner with a company called HealthStream Research to measure satisfaction. They poll a random sampling of our discharged patients each month via the telephone.

Your feedback is extremely important to our improvement process. Your comments help us assess our progress and make the best choices to ensure that we provide the highest quality care.

Should you be called for a telephone survey, please take the opportunity to provide us with feedback. We realize that your time is valuable and we appreciate any comments you may have. You may also take the opportunity to recognize any individual members of your healthcare team who made a difference in your stay. We use the survey to reward those employees who go above and beyond the call of duty to care for our patients.

Our ultimate goal is to provide superior care to you and your family members. If you are not reached for a survey, but wish to make a comment, please feel free to write your comments and send them to:

Parkview Regional Hospital
c/o Marketing Department- x2531
600 South Bonham St
Mexia, TX  76667

Community Programs

Parkview Strives to be a good community partner and a leader in healthcare information by providing support and services throughout the year. We address community needs through improved services, innovative programs and dedicated planning for the future. Some of our outreach programs available include:
  • Cholesterol screens
  • Flu shots
  • TB testing
  • Health education
  • Blood pressure screens
  • Diabetes education
  • Health Fairs
  • Blood sugar screens
  • Speakers bureau for groups
  • Shattered Dreams program (teen drinking and driving)
  • Community disaster preparation planning
Call the Marketing Department at (254)562-0408, extension 2531 for more information on these or other programs.


The Tommy Flatt Classroom is available as a public meeting room. For more information on booking the room, please contact Administration at (254)562-0408, extension 2021.